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What is does?

The OB Wheel allows you to calculate information about the patient and the fetus like gestational age by last period date or ultrasound and normality and abnormality parameters both maternal and fetal by week with percentiles.

  • Healthcare Staff Optimized

    This application is intended for healthcare staff such as doctors, nurses, students, etc.

    The data interpretation must be done by medical staff only.

  • One of the best in its category

    This is ONE OF THE 9 BEST WORLD HEALTHCARE MOBILE APPLICATIONS according to AppCircus at MEDICA, AppCircus Finalist 2012

    App Circus Finalist

  • Metric and Imperial Units supported

    These data were taken from WHO (World Health Organization) and probed field specialist, these data are available in both International and Imperial system.

  • Multiples ways to access information

    It makes queries by Last Menstrual Period (LMP), Gestation weeks and Fundal Height.

  • Detailed Data

    In all queries it's possible to obtain the following information (week dependent):

    - Fetal Weight in pounds or grams in 90, 50 and 10 percentiles
    - Abdominal Circumference in inches or millimeters by Ultrasound in 95 and 5 percentiles
    - Mother weight gain in pounds or kilograms in 90 and 25 percentiles
    - Fundal Height in inches or centimeters in 90 and 10 percentiles.

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